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Lucie_M_Raymond's picture

Trent, you are a multi talented  artist singer ,songwriter& you also played a few instruments  more than you to confine to us ,you are so humble.  What I love the most about you you are  not Boastful. God has gifted you and you worked so hard  to manifest  His gift. Soo proud of you.,am glad I decided  to follow you and be a part of this great humble  journey. 

Sherry_Kivo's picture

I have to agree with i_Raymond. Trent is very talented.I love his voice. But I also have to say he is too modest!  I love the face he does not have a big head.God has gifted him. He just has to have faith.I have prayed for him every night since he won the voice. That God will let him have a great career.I am proud of him too. Luv Ya Trent. May God bless you.